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Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and raised around the island, Laura Alemán began her artistic career at a very early age. Working with her family in theater plays, tv & music recording studios, Laura fell in love with acting, singing and dancing. She trained in numerous specialized schools and submerged fully in her craft. Laura received a BFA in dramatic arts at Hunter College in New York, and a BA in Film Production at the Sacred Heart University of Puerto Rico.  She was also awarded a scholarship to further develop her craft at Fundación José Ortega y Gasset in Toledo, Spain.

Laura has been the lead in films that transmitted in 225 cities around the world and has participated in more than 48 film productions. Her most recent projects include: Extraterrestres (Amazon), Sol De Medianoche (HBO), Cleaners (Crackle) and Amor en 266 Millas (a film premiering in 2021). She has won multiple awards for her work, including: Best Actress for her leading role in the short film "El Gran Elefante" at Cinefiesta International Film Festival, LUSCA Fantastic Film Fest and the Rincon International Film Festival.

Laura also formed part of the writer's room for the Series Santurce (pre-production) and is currently working on her first music album.

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Nacida en Ponce, Puerto Rico y criada alrededor de la isla, Laura Alemán, comenzó su carrera artística a muy temprana edad. Trabajando con su familia en obras teatrales, televisión y estudios de graba


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